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Chemical Sterilizing Agents

There are so many chemical sterilizing agents or disinfectants which are being produced by different chemical manufacturing companies. Chemical disinfectants can be dangerous if it is used in concentrations that is greater than those that are recommended.

Dettol spray bottle
Dettol spray bottle


If the disinfectant is too concentrated, it may tend to burn your hand and as well can get the material being sterilized damaged. Most of the disinfectants used in the hospitals are being diluted before it is being taken to the hospital.

The following below are the necessary things you need to on hospital equipment that needs to be sterilized:

  • You prepare for disinfection of the equipment by dismantling. So that the disinfectant can reach or penetrate all the parts of the equipment.
  • Scrub the equipment with a brush to remove any organic material in a hot soapy water.
  • Rinse in cold water.





Centrimide is a chemical sterilizing agent. An example of a Centrimide is Cetavion.

Pre-Operative Skin Preparation Using Centrimide

In pre-operative skin preparation using centrimide, a 0.5 percent solution of centrimide in 70 percent alcohol is used after the skin has been washed clean and dried.

Storage Of Sterilized Equipment

This sterilized equipment can be stored in a 1 percent solution of centrimide in water that 0.5 sodium nitrate has already been added. The sodium nitrate that is added to the water is helps to prevent the sterilized equipment from rusting.

For Cleaning Purpose

Plythene or any other equipment can be cleaned using a 1 percent solution of centrimide in water. This 1 percent solution of centrimide in water can also be used on wound cleaning.

Disinfecting Linen

You can disinfectant linen by soaking it in a 0.1 percent centrimide for 2 hours before washing or taken to the laundering.


2. Chloros

Chloros is a solution that is specially prepared using sodium hypochlorite

Linen Disinfectant

you soak infected linen in a 1.5 percent solution of chloros in water for ten minutes then rinse. Make sure that you don’t leave the linen in the solution for a longer time to avoid damage.

Disinfection Of Furnishings

Add 1.5 percent solution of chloros in water and wash the surfaces.


3. Chlorsylenol

Chlorsylenol is gotten from coal(derivative). This is used in the hospitals but recently, it is gradually fading off and being replaced with other chemical disinfectants. An example of chlorsylenol is Dettol.


4. Formaldehyde Gas

The formaldehyde gas is gotten from paraform tablets. Now the equipment that are to be sterilized are to be kept in an air tight container. This container serves as an oven having so many perforated shelves. The oven can be heated at a temperature of 26 degrees centigrade, before then the paraform tablets are placed at the bottom of the oven. The equipment is sterilized for 30 minutes. Formaldehyde gas is not used on metal equipment to avoid corrosion.


5. Chlorhexidine

chlorhexidine is being used in the hospital and can be used in different ways. This can be used in the operating theatres. An example of chlorhexidine is Hibitane. Plastic and rubber Equipment can be sterilized in two minutes by immersion into 0.5 percent hibitane(1-200) in 70 percent spirit. Then hibitane gluconate 0.02 percent(1-500) is very useful for sterilization of bronchoscope, sigmoidoscopes, cystoscopes. All these equipment can be sterilized for half an hour.


6. Merthiolate

Merthiolate is an antiseptic with a dye added and is valuable at the strength of 1-1000 for pre-operative skin preparation after the area has been thoroughly washed and dried.


7. Sodium Hypochlorite And Sodium Chloride

This can be used to disinfect babies feeding bottle and teats. An Example is Milton. The babies feeding bottle  should be washed in hot soapy water and then rinsed in cold water. Then you immerse into a solution of milton1-80(1 litre of water) for at least one and half hours.


8 Hexachlorophane

This is an antibacterial cream that is used on the skin. An example is pHisoHex. This can be applied on the skin once or repeatedly in the preparation of the skin before operation. pHisoHex  is used to disinfectant the hands before carrying out theatre operation.


9. Benzalkonium Chloride

This disinfectant is widely used and potent. An example of benzalkonium chloride is roccal. This is applied on the hands and arms  after being washed thoroughly before surgical operation.


10. Savlon

This is common in the maternity department which also serves different purposes. Savlon can be used in washing furnitures,swabbing dressing or theatre trolleys. The clinical and lotion thermometers can be stored in 1-20 savlon in 70 percent spirit.


11. Sterilizing By Radiation

Some hospital equipment such as catheters of all types, polythene, plastic materials and syringes can be sterilized using this method.



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