Can I unlock my iPhone myself?

Can I unlock my iPhone myself? 

Forget the iPhone passcode and locked out of it? Is there an efficient way to unlock/unleash the iPhone lock screen and gain the access to the iPhone? The answer is absolute “Yes”. Dr.Fone- Screen Unlock (iOS) must be mentioned here. It’s an excellent program that enables you to unleash your iOS devices no matter how it got locked.

What’s Dr.Fone- Screen Unlock (iOS)?

Dr.Fone- Screen Unlock is the lock screen removal software for iPhone, iPad, Pod Touch users who forgot the passcode on your iOS device. It allows you to unleash all types of the iPhone lock screen, similar as the 4- digit/ 6- digit screen passcode, Touch ID & Face ID. Apart from unleashing the screen passcode, it can also remove the Apple ID on iPhone/ iPad lightly.

How to UseDr.Fone- Screen Unlock (iOS)

Before using Dr.Fone- Screen Unlock to unlock your device, you ’d more note that the unlocking process will also wipe the data on your iPhone/ iPad.

You can follow the way below to use Dr.Fone – Unlock

Step number 1. After installation, takeoff this program on your computer. In the main interface, elect the Screen Unlock point to move on.

Step number 2. Also connect your iOS device to your computer with the phone’s USB cable and also click Unlock iOS Screen.

Step number 3. Next, make your iOS device under the Recovery mode or Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode by following the on- screen instructions.

Step number 4. Also, the program will display the data of yourdevice.However, you can elect the right data from the drop-down menu, If the data isn’t correct. Also, click the Download button to download the firmware for your device.

Step number 5. Once the firmware is downloaded successfully, hit on the Unlock Now button to start unleashing your iPhone or iPad.

Stay for a while, your device will be unlocked successfully.


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