bbnaija 2020 Vee and Neo fight


bbnaija 2020 Vee and Neo fight.

In the big brother house, the two love birds have been having misunderstanding for some time now.

Why will these two fight? do they know that they are breaking some people’s heart outside the house.

Vee have been angry with Neo on sighting him dancing with Kaisha in the saturday night party and has been looking for an opportunity to unleash her anger.

It started when Vee asked Neo why he ate her okro soup without her. And they said some things to themselves that got Neo angry and he eventually told Vee ”Fuck Off”.

Presently Vee is capitalizing on that saying Neo disrespected her.

Neo told some of the housemates that he can sacrifice for her and that he is trying to humble himself before her does not mean that he does not have sense. And also that she turns into something else  on one little thing or misunderstanding.

He said that pisses him off.

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