bbnaija 2020 lockdown season 5 housemate Lilo breaking up with Eric-video


bbnaija 2020 lockdown season 5 housemate Lilo breaking up with Eric video.

Yesterday in the diary room with biggie, lilo was seen crying wildly to Big brother saying that Eric is a distraction to her and will no longer go to bed with him anymore.

She said that her relationship with Eric has made her to forget that she is in a game to win some money and also the relationship also made her not to have some improvement in the house.

Well, the actual reason why lilo cried was because she is beginning to fall in love with Eric, and what went wrong started from the truth or dare game they played when Eric was asked to remove his shirt and lie on the floor and Ka3na sits and grinds on him. And Eric did not protest to drink yet instead he gave in to the dare in front of his sweet heart Lilo.

Well it’s a game but Lilo is not playing the game…she is in love and she wants everyone to know that it is only but Eric; no one else.

That was the reason why she drank the liquor on the table when she was asked to give a lap dance to a male housemate. It didn’t end there; secondly Eric challenged her to kiss a male housemate.

Well it seems that she cant do without Eric because after telling Biggie that she will no longer go to bed with Eric and that Eric is a distraction.

Guess what ?????

She jumped to bed with Eric again and they started kissing passionately ….

watch the video


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