bbnaija 2020 housemates Nengi and Lucy Ultimate Fight-Video


bbnaija 2020 housemates Nengi and Lucy Ultimate Fight-Video.

The fight between Nengi and Lucy started in the big brother house after Ebuka asked Nengi concerning the exchange of words between her and Lucy.

The fight was so hot that the male housemates had to come and hold them away from each other before they devour themselves.

After much name calling and insults between the two, Praise said this issue has to be settled tonight that all the housemates and the two people involved should come out.

Nengi was asked to narrate what happened, she pointed out that Lucy was using her name to gossip.

When Lucy was asked she said that the problem started earlier this week when she was in the bathroom talking to herself about another person and Nengi over heard her and said ”i hope you are not talking about me”  and she replied ”yes” that she is talking about her.

And that Nengi started rendering insults on her that made her told Nengi that it is because that’s exactly what she is doing flirting with all the guys and causing problems and that guilty conscience is disturbing her and besides she was not referring to her.

Later on, Lucy apologized to the housemates and told them that she is naturally loud when talking. She also apologized to Ozo for not letting him speak when he was trying to calm the situation down.  But Nengi didn’t apologize rather she was still insisting that it was her Lucy was referring to.

Watch the fight…



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