bbnaija 2020 Erica Fights Wathoni Over Kiddwaya-watch video


bbnaija 2020 Erica Fights Wathoni Over Kiddwaya-watch video.

Erica fighting Wathoni over Kiddwaya…sign of being insecure and vulnerable.

After Erica blast Kiddwaya for not having her back, she went and confronted Wathoni to find out why she always pick on her but Wathoni replied saying she isn’t going to get into an argument bcos of a guy

However this made Erica upset as she felt Wathoni was denying the fact that she has a problem with her. Things heated up and they exchanged words

Wathoni to Erica: I’m surprised you came to me to talk about a guy. I’m pissed off because this is the second time we’re having a talk because of a guy! It wasn’t about throwing shade. It was about me saying what I felt or saw.

Erica: i don’t have issue with you bcos of a guy, it’s bcos of how you are rude to me always

Wathoni: i have a son to take care of, At my age, i don’t have time to fight a girl over a man… (Wathoni walks away)

Erica: Think of your son before you behave in a certain way. You always bring up Kidd when the issue is about your attitude towards me.. is he the finest guy in this house??? I’m done with him, not interested in him anymore… 29 year old, you have a son but never act your age

Nengi to Erica: No, don’t mention those things

Erica to Wathoni: You create problems then you act like a victim, are you mad!!!

Hmmmm.. This Erica girl is becoming something else…

How can you breakup with kid and rush him back again with kisses. She does that a lot. I remember kid complained that Erica says one thing and does another thing.

Now she has given kid an identity of a bad guy who hurts her always using emotional blackmail. I saw how she became cossy again with kid in front of laycon but this time, laycon was emotionally stable and indifferent.

That’s when I believed that indeed, she was emotionally blackmailing laycon intentionally. She was trying to turn on the old depressed laycon. She has been trying to confuse laycon again but thank God for Vee, praise and neo who is helping laycon heal.

Even kid told her to let the guy heal. And those cry today was to get kids attention to fall for her knowing that kid was angry and she succeeded. But she needs to change her strategy now. Just the way dorathy positioned herself now. She boldly stood her ground even though ozo keeps pushing.

Watch the video…


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