bbnaija 2020 Erica and Laycon discussion-watch video


bbnaija 2020 Erica and Laycon discussion-watch video.

In the big brother house, Erica and Laycon had a discussion in the kitchen. The discussion was basically and revolving around their friendship.

Erica is not comfortable with the way her friendship with Laycon is going. Remember Laycon asked for a space in their friendship and the space is gradually growing into Laycon trying to stay completely away from Erica.

But this is not going down well with Erica. The truth is Erica is missing her friendship with Laycon.

And Laycon is trying his best to heal. Erica told Laycon that she feels that they are gradually growing into enemies and Laycon always gives her that cold energy and this is making her feel like she is a bad person.

But Laycon said No that they are not enemies.

Watch the video below…


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