bbnaija 2020 emotional and heart melting discussion between Laycon,Vee and Neo-watch video



bbnaija 2020 emotional and heart melting discussion between Laycon,Vee and Neo-watch video.

Laycon has been battling to forget Erica. After Erica became the head of house, she chose kiddwaya over laycon and prior to that time, Erica came to meet Laycon asking him whom to choose and also she said she hope that she will not regret the choice that will make. Laycon told her to follow her heart.

Laycon: I think she came to seek my permission when she already made her decision.

Neo: Her emotions is all over the place, anything you’re doing is out of the kindness of your heart.

Laycon: She said if i didn’t ask for space, it would have been different.

Neo: Think about from Sunday, think from wetin she respond & wetin you respond. You see that girl that entered there, its hard.

Laycon: I am not pissed at Erica or Kidd. I’m not angry. I didn’t expect her to com to me discuss this. She asked picking me won’t be awkward

Laycon: I’m happy y she made the choice. I’m happy I’ve one less person to worry abt on eviction day. I’m not talking about the feeling, I said I’ll get this feeling off this week & I’m happy. I mumbled to her she’ll b fine at the arena. It’s like it’s a script & I’m mad

Neo: You can’t change life. You can’t control fate. First of all admit to the fact

Laycon: I’ve admitted to that fact I care about her…

Vee: What’s wrong with you?

Laycon: I’m confused.

Vee: Forget this. You are one of the most likable here, you don’t have a problem

Laycon: I planned to be happy this week. Not to worry about kiddy and Erica. She came to me that, should she pick me. That’s what she does if she kisses Kidd and she will come to me. I told her if she has another remedy for us to work this out, then good.

Laycon: I feel you were going to pick Kidd but why come to meet me.

Vee: That’s emotional.

Laycon: She was telling me she hopes she doesn’t regret it. I need my fucking space now.

Vee: I don’t know why Erica chose someone that said he doesn’t want anything with her

Vee: Stay away from her for your peace of mind.

Neo: You need that space now.

Laycon: What if i leave on Sunday?

Neo: Stop that. Do you think you’ve been surviving bcos of her.. Why think like that?

Vee: Keep your distance. This will hurt you emotionally and mentally

Neo: You’ll hear fucking jokes and I’ll make it too. Shit goes down in my room. You does not deserve this. If you have patience she’ll come back to u. She chose him over you. I know how it feels. Choosing someone that doesn’t chose you. Stay around us. Stay away frm her

Vee: Tell her to stay away from you. Avoid her. Let her go, it’ll hurt. You deserve better. It’ll end in tears if you continue this way..

Neo: Stay away from our room

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