Back Pain-Causes,Prevention And Treatment


Back Pain-Causes,Prevention And Treatment.

Back pain can be caused by diseases or daily activities like lying on a hard or curved surface for a very long time, sitting or sleeping in a tight place or corner.

You can feel the ache at the upper back, mid back and the lower back.

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  • Chronic upper back pain with cough and weight loss may be TB (tuberculosis) of the lungs.
  • Mid back pain in a child may be TB of the spine, especially if the backbone has a hump or lump.
  • Low back pain that is worse the day after heavy lifting or straining may be a sprain.
  • Severe low back pain that first comes suddenly when lifting or twisting may be a slipped disc, especially if one leg or foot becomes painful or numb and weak. This can result from a pinched nerve.
  • In areas where onchocerciasis occurs, aching pains in the back, shoulders or hips may be an early sign of the disease, even before the skin or the eyes are affected.
  • Standing or sitting wrongly, with the shoulders drooped, is a common cause of backache.
  • In older people, chronic back pain is often arthritis.
  • Pain in the upper right back may be from a gallbladder problem.
  • Acute or chronic pain at the lower right back may be a urinary problem.
  • Low backache is normal for some women during menstrual periods or pregnancy.
  • Very low back pain sometimes comes from problems in the uterus, ovaries or rectum.



  1. If back pain has a cause like TB (tuberculosis), onchocerciasis, a urinary infection or gallbladder disease, treat the cause. Seek medical help if you suspect a serious disease.
  2. Simple backache, including that of pregnancy can often be prevented or made better by :
  • Always standing straight  not curved or bent (back).
  • Sleeping on a firm flat surface not bent or curved surface.
  • Always practice back-bending exercise.
  • Use Aspirin and hot soak, it helps to calm most kinds of back pain.
  • For low back pain that comes from lifting or straining, quick relief can be brought by having the person lie with one foot tucked under his or her knee, then holding his shoulder down, then gently but steadily push this knee over so as to twist the back. Do this first on one side and then on the other.


  • If back pain from lifting or twisting is sudden and severe with knife-like pain when you bend over, if the pain goes into the leg(s), or if a foot becomes numb or weak, this is serious. A nerve coming from the back may be pinched by a slipped disc (pad between the bones of the back). It may help to put something firm under the knees and mid back.
  • Take aspirin and use hot soaks, if pain does not begin to get better in a few days, seek medical help immediately.

CAUTION : Do not try this if the back pain is from a fall or injury.


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