Ashley Trenner Warns Women Over Common Beauty Practice After Fatal Diagnosis

Ashley Trenner Warns Women Over Common Beauty Practice After Fatal Diagnosis
Ashley Trenner Warns Women Over Common Beauty Practice After Fatal Diagnosis

Ashley Trenner Warns Women Over Common Beauty Practice After Fatal Diagnosis.

Ashley Trenner had a lovely childhood in a small town on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. Her two parents, Bob and Karen, were supportive and doting, and she grew up close to her brother Darin. By all accounts, she had a head start on life.

As a classic girly-girl, Ashley was in love with all things pink and glittery. She surrounded herself with things she thought were beautiful, and the character Hello Kitty adorned almost everything she owned.

Not only did Ashley strive to be surrounded by beauty, but she focused on being beautiful herself. She adhered to a strict vegan diet and exercised regularly. This seemed somewhat extreme to her family, but these habits weren’t dangerous to her health.

The people in Ashley’s life saw her as an exceptionally warm and kindhearted individual. She thrived as a young adult in her retail position at Nordstrom. One friend even cites a time when Ashley brought a dress in a certain size for a customer from her own personal closet.

Her genuine nature and desire to help others was in complete opposition with the harsh way she viewed herself. Throughout her life, she struggled with the demons of critically low self-esteem and bouts of depression.

That all changed, however, when she was in high school and her mother took her to visit the beauty salon. For the first time, she found a solution for the thing she hated most about herself: her skin.

As it was a special occasion — just before prom — her mother allowed her to enter the tanning bed. It seemed harmless enough. After just one session in the glowing blue chamber, Ashley would never be the same.

She began to tan more often. Usually before important events, or on vacations where she would be in a bikini. She finally felt like she achieved the look she always wanted. It wasn’t long before tanning became a necessity for Ashley.

Basking in the glow of finally feeling beautiful enough, she started visiting the tanning bed multiple times a week, sometimes every other day to maintain the skin tone she saw fit. Her friends and family saw there was much more to her than tan skin.

Much to the concern of her friends and family, she kept up her rigorous tanning schedule for years, always returning to the dangerous UVA rays emitted from the bed. She once stated, “I don’t care if I die from tanning, as long as I die tan.”

One day Ashley noticed something strange on her side. It was a tiny bump, less than a centimeter wide. She immediately went to her doctor to have it checked out, just in case it was a cause for concern. The results weren’t what she assumed.

Her doctor said the bump was not cancerous, but advised Ashley to have it removed anyway. She underwent the expensive procedure to have the benign lump taken out and went on with her life. Unbeknownst her her, this wouldn’t be the last time something like this would happen.

About a year later, another little bump appeared in almost the exact same place. Ashley did not have medical insurance at the time. Having exhausted her savings account from the first procedure, she chose to ignore the blemish assuming it would be harmless like last time.

In three years, the bump in question grew significantly and became painful. At this point, she felt it was necessary to consult her doctor. Maybe if she had gone in earlier, her life would have turned out much differently.

Ashley received the grave news that she had melanoma. This is a deadly type of skin cancer responsible for the deaths for about 7,000 people every year. It can be very treatable if caught in time, but if left to spread to the lymphatic system options are limited.

Her condition was advanced, and her doctor recommended surgery to remove the infected lymph nodes in her groin. On her blog she posted, “I thought I was invincible and would never get skin cancer.” How wrong she had proven to be.

Post-surgery, she recovered and began the horrendous process of chemotherapy. For months she was incredibly ill while undergoing treatment. Her suffering would not be in vain, as she was cancer-free for three years following the medical intervention.

Sadly, even after beating it once, the lump returned. Teary, she told her mother, “I think the melanoma is back.” What followed would be a series of painful and experimental procedures to rid Ashley of the cancer one last time.

After the failed treatments, Ashley decided to make something out of the time she had left. She began to speak out about what happened to her. She wanted to reach others who could potentially wind up in similar circumstances.

On her death bed in the final days of her life, she painted her nails her favorite color pink, donned her Hello Kitty blanket and did not mince words while speaking directly to the camera.

“I paid money to be in the position I’m in now. I literally paid to get this terrible disease that is killing me,” she stated as a warning to everyone listening. Her grim warning resonated with the watchers.

Not long after her interview, Ashley succumbed to her painful disease. Her friends and family were with her in her last moments and are relieved she is finally without pain. Though, the world is certainly more dim without her sparkle.


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